Wainscoting Installation

Your guests are going to be jealous...

"Applique" or "applied." This look is achieved by using a chair-rail moulding as well as a panel mould to make up the "boxes" or "squares" below. Your baseboards do not need to be removed and both of these mouldings are nailed right over the existing drywall.


"Recessed panel." We start by removing your existing baseboards. We then install build-out panels to give us the "recessed" look. Finally, we add the chair-rail, panel mould, baseboards and shoe mould. This option is more expensive than the first, due to the fact that there are more materials involved and the installation process is much more labour intensive.


There are hundreds of moulding options and combinations to choose from that will allow you to fully customize your own style of wainscoting. Wainscoting adds timeless beauty and elegance to any room and the possibilities are endless.


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